7 + i m a g e

People. Emotions. Love. Moments. Travel. We love all of them and we know hard it is too put it into words. Hence, we preserve every single captivating moments of our life into pictures that narrates our stories. As time goes by, when we flip through all these sweet memories from yesteryears, it is just like a story retold from yesterday.

From capturing touching and happy moments like wedding and family portraitures to professional corporate images, we, 7+image was founded as a brand that provides all the services mentioned above and make it happened.

Established in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia since the year 2010, 7+image decided to expand and found a new home in the Northern side of Malaysia, the humble and idyllic yet a multi-cultural town of Alor Setar, Kedah. It is situated 120km from Penang Island and an hour plus boat ride from the magnificent Langkawi Island.

Photography knows no boundaries and 7+image believes that the best moments can happened anytime, anywhere especially a place where they have fond memories. 7+image is ready to tag along and helps you to capture every single moment of joy and happiness. 7+image even globetrots around the world to carry out such important task, in order to capture your perfect moment.

7+image is always on the lookout for fun and exciting challenges to creates wonderful, unique imagery with you as the subject. Make an appointment with us. 7+image are always happy to have some coffee moments with you and listen to your stories.